Community Donation Drive

Coming Soon!

Thank you for your patience while we prepare our new warehouse location to intake goods for nonprofits in our area. We'll announce our opening soon!

Immediate Needs

Ongoing Needs

  • New underwear and socks

  • Shoes and belts

  • Kitchenware, plates, utensils, small appliances

  • Backpacks, duffle bags and suitcases

  • Outerwear

  • Toiletries and feminine hygiene products

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Paper products (paper towels, tissues, toilet paper)

  • Linens (blankets, comforters, sheets, towels, curtains)

  • Clothing

  • New or gently used bras

  • Office supplies and school supplies

  • Crafting supplies

  • Nonperishable food (canned goods, boxed goods)

  • Plates, utensils, coffee cups

  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant)

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Paper products (paper towels, tissues, toilet paper)

  • Clothing

  • Hangers, all sizes

  • Crafting supplies, puzzles, games

The needs of nonprofits in our region are great and further complicated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Serve The City - Carlisle and a new chapter of GiveNKind recently partnered to secure a space in Carlisle where donations of new and gently used items can be collected, organized, and distributed to nonprofits in our region. Thanks to the generosity of the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities we now have a place to call home and can begin intaking items. 


Please consider donating item from the list above to support individuals and families in need. Donated items are never resold and are available free of charge to registered 501(3)c nonprofit organizations. Donated items will be stored for 72 hours for safety reasons and then organized for distribution. Nonprofits may register now to to receive donations.


With social distancing measures in mind, please place your donations in your trunk. Volunteers will unload your vehicle. A tax donation form will be provided. 


If you or a family member has been sick with symptoms of COVID-19, please do not donate at this time. 

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